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Hron, Nitra, Rimava and Váh
Hron, Nitra, Rimava and Váh

Red, unregistered

Hron, Nitra, Rimava and Váh were selected from the crossing Castets x Abouriou noir from the collection of grape varieties at the Research Institute for Viticulture and Enology in Bratislava by Dorota Pospíšilová in 1976.

Both varieties Southwestern France is the place of origin of both varieties and they are still used as a minor part of wines. There are no available information about any DNA research of the grape varieties, so the parenting remains unknown. Castets and Aboriou noir were selected for crossings after being evaluated as suitable for purposes, considering the conditions in vine-growing and wine production in Slovakia. All 4 grape varieties account diversity in growing and production. Varieties are very pronounced, with medium fructuousness, demanding frostless locations and deep soils. Wine is a cabernet type, dark colour, full bodied, velvety, with huge potential for bottle evaluation.

Nitra and Hron seem to be the most succesfull. Akostné značkové víno or Akostné víno s prívlastkom are produced from these varieties, however they are used in various cuvée with other grape varieties as well. Wines are very rare and unique.