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Red, registered in 1997; 45.5 ha; 0,25 % of the vineyard plantings

The biggest river in Slovakia Dunaj, also known as Danube gave it's name to this new graft grape variety, crossed by Dorota Pospíšilová and Ondrej Korpás in Vine research institute in Bratislava  in 1958.

Parenting grapes are (Muškát Bouchet x Oporto) x Svätovavrinecké (St. Laurent).  It was selected from  from 973 hybrid seeds and their gutter 113 seedlings, of which were selected 32 types out of which two elite types with pedigree number 4/5 and 6/10 were chosen. 6/10 was registered in 1997 as Dunaj after more than 20 years of trials in different locations. With its early rippening – ususally already in late September Dunaj is very suitable variety for Slovak climate conditions. It has good resistance to frost. Since it budds late, spring frosts are not considered as a threat to this variety. Dunaj is suitable for most of the soil types, execptions are higher positions of the slopes with the sceletal soil type, where the crop can suffer a bit from insufficiency of water. Medium soils with good water-bearing capacity are providing good crop and good quality at the same time. Wines are full in colour and body with delicate character. 

Quality Dunaj akostné odrodové víno is produced, as well as wines with attribute – kabinetné (Kabinett), Neskorý zber (late harvest), Výber z hrozna (grapes selection) which are dry. Polosladké (medium  -sweet) wines - Hrozienkový výber (choice of sultanas) are produced in suitable years.