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White, registered in 1977; 46.5 ha; 0,25 % of the vineyard plantings

Variety was developed by crossing of Tramín červený (Gewürztraminer) x Müller-Thurgau by Josef Veverka in Vine Research Centre in Velké Pavlovice. Project started in 1953, grape variety is named by protected landscape region Pálava.

Quality akostné odrodové víno is produced, as well as wines with attribute – less ususal suché (dry) kabinetné (Kabinett) and common Neskorý zber (late harvest). Variety has ability to produce rippen grapes at high sugar content – starting with Výber z hrozna (grapes selection) and Bobuľový výber (choice of berries) – these wines can vary in residual sugar from suché (dry) to sladké (sweet), although sweeter versions prevails. Polosladké (semi – sweet) and sladké (sweet) wines with special attributes - Hrozienkový výber (choice of sultanas), slamové víno (straw wine) and cibébový výber (noble rot choice of sultanas) are produced as well.

Characteristics is often comapred with Tramín červený (Gewürztraminer). Wines made from Pálava are usually defined as more attractive and harmonious. Plantings can be found in Small Carpathian, South Slovakian and Nitra wine regions of Slovakia. Wines are ussually yellow coloured with green tones, nose is a bit more exotic, various tones such as yellow watermelon nad fresh juicy mango, as well as intensive floral character with hints of spiciness are pronounced. Taste is majestic and it makes this wine very sought after. Wines from the good locations and particullary in good vintages are suitable for longer maturing in the bottle.