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Modrý Portugal
Modrý Portugal

Portugalské modré,  Blauer Portugieser, Portugieser Blau, Kékoportó, Oporto


Red, registered in 1941; 120 ha; 0,65 % of the vineyard plantings

The orgin of this grape variety is unknown and there is no evidence that it is originating in Portugal – or Oporto - from where it was brought  in 1772 by Austrian Count de Baron von Fries to his estates in Bad Vöslau near Vienna.

Grape variety is easy to grow, with good resistance to various vine and grape diseases, althought resistance to fungal diseases and frost is low. As in most of the cases of vine – growing, quality of wine can be negativelly affected by high yields. Modrý Portugal rippens as one of the first red grape varieties in the region and technique of carbonic maceration is often used for production of light mladé víno (young wine). Wine is characteristic for its light ruby colour, 

Quality akostné odrodové víno is produced, as well as with attribute – common kabinetné (Kabinett) and výber z hrozna (selection of grapes), less often as Neskorý zber (late harvest).