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White, registered in 1997; 149 ha; 0.80 % of the vineyard plantings

Devín was crossed in 1958 by Dorota Pospíšilová and Ondrej Korpás in Vine research institute in Bratislava. Crossing of Tramín červený (Gewürztraminer) x Veltlínske červené skoré (Malvasia).

Quality akostné odrodové víno is produced, as well as dry attribute wines - kabinetné (Kabinett) and neskorý zber (late harvest). Výber z hrozna (grapes selection) and Bobuľový výber (choice of berries) are usually polosladké (semi – sweet) athought suché (dry) versions are produced as well. Sladké (sweet) Hrozienkový výber (Choice of sultanas) and Slamové víno (Straw wine) are occasional specialities.

Variety was selected from 973 hybrid seeds and their gutter 272 seedlings, of which were selected 14 types out of which one - pedigree number 15/4 - showed the best properties and it was named by the castle located near Bratislava - Devín. Is very suitable for specific conditions in Slovakia. It is practically possible to grow it almost on any site.