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Oděskij čornyj

Red, registered in 1975; 225 ha; 1.25 % of the vineyard plantings

This variety was bred in 1950 in the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute for Wine and Vines in Odessa. It is a crossing of Alicante Bouschet x Cabernet sauvignon. In warmer regions of Slovakia it can achieve a maturity of good levels, attain excellent quality when coming from lower yields. Due to its late-ripening, it requires the best positions, harvests are regular and high. 

Quality akostné odrodové víno is produced, as well as dry attribute wines - kabinetné (Kabinett), neskorý zber (late harvest) and výber z hrozna (grapes selection). Very rarely sladké (sweet) attribute slamové víno (straw wine) can be found.

High natural content of anthocyanins makes colour characteristically very dark. Aromatic character is evoking wines produced from cabernet varieties, underlined with various berry fruits and dried plums in ripen wines. Wine has significant content of tannins which are slowly ripening to neutral smoothness. Alibernet can provide very expressive wine with harmonic taste with tones of chocolate, herbs. If evaluated in wood to emphasize the structure, spicy, smoky and vanilla character can be shown. This is indicated on the label as Barikové (Barrique).