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Silvánske zelené
Silvánske zelené

Grüner Silvaner, Zöld Silvani

White, registered in 1941; 233 ha; 1.25 % of the vineyard plantings

Silvánske zelené is ancient grape variety and just recent DNA fingerprinting has revealed that it is a spontaneous crossing between Traminer and Österreichisch-Weiß (Austrian White). Until late '70 it used to be one of the most grown grape varieties in central Europe. It is quite demanding for suitable location on fertile soils. Aromatic explication of these wines can be quite neutral or purely fruity – grapes, biscuit tones, on the other hand - by planting this grape variety on low yield principles, the most pronounced characteristic – flamboyant spicy taste, can be reached. Young wines can be quite rough in acids, but it is known that these are dismantled very quickly after short time of maturing in the bottle, with wine becoming rapidly ripen and rounded. Limbach is the most famous village producing well known and characteristic Silvanske zelené as značkové víno (brand wine) Limbašský Silván.

Quality akostné odrodové víno is the most commonly produced, dry kabinetné (Kabinett) is most common version of attribute, followed by less usual and more expressive neskorý zber (late harvest) and very rare výber z hrozna (grapes selection) – all in brisk suché (dry) versions with good ability to mature in the bottle for few years.