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Red, registered in 1980; 285 ha; 1.5 % of the vineyard plantings

This variety was bred in 1960 by Jaroslav Horák at the Vine Research Centre in Velké Pavlovice as a cross between Frankovka modrá (Lemberger or Blaufränkisch) with Svatovavřinecké (Saint Laurent) and was named in honor of Christian Carl André (1763-1831) who was the founder of the association for the support of fruit and vine breeding in Brno.

Quality akostné odrodové víno is produced, from attributes kabinetné (Kabinett) and neskorý zber (late harvest) are most common. The characteristics of the wine are allowing it to be evaluated in new oak barrels which is indicated on the label as barikové.

Grape variety is considered to be very immune, but since it's ripening late, it requires very good and warm localities and deep, fertile soils for planting. Works in vineyards needs to be done with sense and precision. In case of tendency for high yield it might happen that grapes will not reach full ripeness and the wine will be very average. Grape variety is able to produce rich wines with garnet – ruby colour, with small berry fruit nose underlined with firm tannins and acidity when wines are young. Extractive character is moving towards roundness and more appreciated balance with the time spent in the bottle.