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Tramín Červený
Tramín Červený

Gewürztraminer, Roter Traminer, Traminer, Piros Tramini, Traminac Crveni 

White, registered in 1941; 422 ha; 2.3 % of the vineyard plantings

One of the oldest grape varieties that are widely planted worldwide, originates most probably in Italy is very suitable for cooler climates. Variety is quite demanding for location and nutritive soils, it is medium to late ripening, while the concentration of sugars rising, the level of acidity is decreasing, so it is crucial to asses optimal date for harvest to get a good raw material for balanced wine. Word červený (red) used in the name of the grape in some parts of Europe is reflecting the skin colour of the grapes, which is pinkish to slightly violet. Extraction of this colours into the wine is none to low, so wines are considered white - with golden yellow colour.

Quality akostné odrodové víno is produced, as well as dry styles in kabinetné, neskorý zber (kabinet, late harvest) and výber z hrozna (grapes selection) which may already range from suché to polosuché (dry to semi – sweet). Semi - sweet and sweet wines in categories of bobuľový výber (choice of berries), hrozienkový výber (selection of raisins), slamové víno (straw wine) and ľadové víno (ice wine) are well known and sought after specialties.

Nose is often characterised as lychee with which it shares the same aroma compound. This aroma is backed often with roses, passion fruit, spiciness and other floral notes, honey is quite expressive in wines with higher content of residual sugar, after bottle ageing cinnamon and orange tones may appear. Wine is very opulent with higher viscosity compared to other grape varieties, crucial for harmony is the level of acidity which might be sometimes considered low, especially when it needs to be balanced with higher content of residual sugar.