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Bouvierovo Hrozno
Bouvierovo Hrozno

White, registered in 1941; 17,5 ha; 0.1% of the vineyard plantings

Bouvier, Bouvier blanc, Bouviertraube, Radgonska ranina, Bouvierovo, Ranina Bela

Clotar Bouvier was Austrian born grape grower that selected this grape variety in the nowadays Slovenian town of Gornja Radgona - Hercegovščak. Bouvierovo Hrozno should be a crossing between  Pinot blanc x (probably) Silvaner. Variety is ripening very early, which predicts it  for the production of  popular burčiak. Even though Bouvierovo hrozno has capability of  reaching high contents of sugar, only few wines with attributes - dry kabinetné (kabinett) and sweet cibébový výber (Noble rot raisins selection)  are produced.

Wines produced from this grape vareity are bright yellow colour to golden yellow in accordance to maturity. Aromas are muscaty with some bitter grapefruit hints. Taste is full, fresh and broad.