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Red, registered in 1991; 39,2 ha; 0,2 % of the vineyard plantings

Neronet was cultivated in Czechoslovakia in 1965 by professor Vilém Kraus in Lednice on faculty of Horticulture - Mendel University of agriculture and forestry in Brno. It is a crossing of Svatovavřinecké x Modrý Portugal x Alibernet. Neronet is ripening earlier than it's parenting Alibernet. Yields of Neronet are considered to be regular and good. Both varieties belong to the category of so-called teinturiers, that are sometimes added in the amount not exceeding 15 % into the other red grape variety wine to reach better colour and even structure. 

Sugars are transformed into colouring agents and tannins, therefore the sugar content in the must is not too high - mainly quality akostné odrodové víno is produced, occasionally as wine with attribute – kabinetné (Kabinett) or Neskorý zber (late harvest).

Dark red with clear blue tones in colour, black berry, blackcurrant along with cherry aromas, juicy, and tannic - these are characteristics of the wine that usually has a potential to be evaluated in the bottle for longer time. the character of the wine depends also on vinification technique used - length of maceration and contact with the skins.