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Rulandské Biele
Rulandské Biele

Synonyms: Pinot Blanc, Pinot Bianco, Rulandské Bílé, Fehérburgundi, Weissburgunder

White, registered in 1941; 934 ha; 5 % of the vineyard plantings

Rulandské Biele originates in France where it was created as a point genetic mutation of Pinot Noir which occured in Burgundy. The ripening period is quite late, usually at the beginning of October, it is requiring to be planted on good sites. Yields are usually average to good.

Quality Rulandské Biele - akostné odrodové víno is produced, but variety embhasize its character in attribute categories such as kabinetné, neskorý zber (late harvest) or výber z hrozna (selection of grapes) – mainly suché (dry) styles but also polosuché (semi - dry), eventually polosladké (semi - sweet). With the ability of the variety to reach high ripeness and sugar content, there is quite broad spectrum of naturally sweet wines such as bobuľový výber (berry selection), ľadové víno (ice wine) and slamové víno (straw wine). Variety is also used in sparkling wines cuvées.

Wines are reflecting the soil on which the grapes were planted. Due to character of the grape it is foremost if yield is low and when picked later, grapes can reach attribute level which results in elegant and extractive wines with good – not too heavy structure. Great potential of the variety can be shown if pears, bread cruts as well as hazelnuts in nose, harmonious acid levels on palate, corresponding with nose with yellow melon sensations.