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Synonyms: Saint Laurent, Sankt Laurent, Szent Loerinc, Lovrenac Crni, Lovrijenac,

Red, registered in 1941; 1337 ha; 7 % of the vineyard plantings

Svätovavrinecké came to central European region in 19th century when German pharmacist and viticulture pioneer Johann Philipp Bronner imported it from France to Germany, from where it was widely spread to other regions. It is highly aromatic grape variety of the same family as Pinot Noir. 

It is possible to come across Svätovavrinecké at the end of the year as first young wines, but its character is shown in best way after some time of maturing. Quality akostné odrodové víno is predominantly produced as well as with attributes, starting with kabinetné, but mainly neskorý zber (late harvest), výber z hrozna (selection of grapes) or rarely as sweet slamové víno (straw wine). Variety is also used for the production of rosé and red sparkling wines.

Berries have lower content of tannins and colour and this is reflected also in character of wine, which still has dark red colour, is lighter and fruity in nose, mainly cherry dominated and medium to full bodied. It has ability to mature and after some time there is evidence of well structured tannins with velvety smoothness.