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Frankovka modrá
Frankovka modrá

Synonyms: Lemberger, Frankovka, Limburské, Karmazín, Neskoré čierne, Blaufränkisch, Blauer Limberger, Limberger schwarz, Shirokolistyj, Kék Frankos, Crna Moravka

Red, registered in 1941; 1787 ha; 9,5 % of the vineyard plantings

Another grape variety widely planted in the wide central European region, also sometimes called as Pinot Noir of east for it's character reputation. Exact origin is unknown, recent DNA profiling has shown that Frankovka modrá is cross between Gouais blanc and other unidentified grape variety, possibly Blauer Silvaner. This variety is most common red grape variety to be found in all wine producing regions in Slovakia. Variety requires good and dry locations and is late – ripening. 

Many quality akostné odrodové wines, as well as attribute wines – occasionally kabinet, but mainly neskorý zber (late harvest), výber z hrozna (selection of grapes) are produced every year. Sometimes many interesting higher attributes such as bobuľový výber in dry final version, as well as sweet specials such as hrozienkový výber (selection of raisins), ľadové víno (ice wine) and slamové víno (straw wine). Frankovka modrá is also important variety for production of fresh rosé, which varies from akostné odrodové to attribute wines (kabinetné, neskorý zber and výber z hrozna) also in different residual sugar levels. Variety is also used for the production of rosé and red sparkling wines.

Wines are usually dark ruby colour with violet meniscus although lighter styles may occur. Young wines characteristics may vary starting with grassy, spicy cinnamon tones, in early stages of development with ripe dark cherries and berries, medium tannins and good acidity. With age wines are becoming more velvety.