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Rizling Vlašský
Rizling Vlašský

Synonyms: Riesling Italico, Welschriesling, Laski Rizling, Graševina, Olasz Rizling, Italico, Bielasladka Grašica, Grašavina Talijanska, Talijanskij Risling

White, registered in 1941; 2 997 ha; 16.% of the vineyard plantings

The origin of variety is unknown, though there is no relationship to Rheinriesling. Rizling Vlašský is planted also in Northern parts of Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia. Since is the second most planted grape variety in Slovakia, vine yards with this grape can be found in all regions. Rizling Vlašský is ripening quite late, it has moderate resistance to fungal diseases, but very good resistance against frosts on the other hand. Wines are characterised by natural higher acidity that can be reflected in steely character. When the grapes reach full ripeness in combination with good vine yard works and low yields in good vintages, wines can be very pleasant and harmonious with unique racy character. Aroma tones are described often as red currant, goose berry and meadow flowers.

Styles of wines produced from Rizling vlašský varies from quality akostné odrodové, to different attributes (kabinetné, neskorý zber, výber z hrozna), also with higher content of residual sugar (bobuľový výber, hrozienkový výber, ľadové víno, slamové víno which are characterised with ripen honey tones and sultanas. Grape is also crucial for domestic production of sparkling wines. Sur - lie Rizling vlašský is rarely produced as well.