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Veltlínske zelené
Veltlínske zelené

Synonyms: Veltliner, Veltlín zelený, Zöldveltelini, Grüner Muskateller, Weisser Veltliner,

White, registered in 1941; 3495 ha; 19 % of the vineyard plantings

Veltlínske zelenéis the most grown grape variety in the western wine regions of Slovakia. It is assumed that the name originates in Austria from where was this grape spread into other regions of Austro - Hungarian empire. But the roots of this variety are dating back to Roman empire times and latest DNA analysis assumes that Traminer is one of the parents.

Wines produced from this variety varies from light and easy drinking akostné víno (quality wine), to better structured lively kabinetné (Kabinett), medium – bodied neskorý zber (late harvest) and opulent Výber z Hrozna (Selection of grapes), which might be also already higher in content of residual sugar (suché, polosuché, polosladké and sladké), as well as the bobuľový výber (choice of berries) usually is. Few producers are leaving some grapes to froze and usually in December are picking raw material for Ľadové víno (ice wine), which stands on top of sweetness, as well as still rare Výber z cibéb (selection from ''noble rot'' Botrytis cinerea infected grapes) and Slamové víno (straw wine). Sur - lie Veltlínske zelené is rarely produced as well. It is the most grown grape variety in the

Since the grape is broadly spread and grown throughout all main regions of Slovakia characters varies. Wines are golden – yellow colour, good medium bodied structure and are more or less expressive in aromatic spectrum – depending on soil, ripeness and technology used. Aromas are characterised as fruit driven with blossomy tones, some soils are handing over notes of almonds or even peppery character.