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New grafts and crossings
New grafts and crossings

Grafting is a method of plant propagation widely used in horticulture, where the tissues of one plant are encouraged to fuse with those of another. There are various reasons for grafting, most pronounced is to induce dwarfing or cold tolerance or other characteristics to the scion.

 In Slovakia and before in Czechoslovakia there were quite many subjects and people dealing with grafting and new crossings to find more suitable varieties for specific conditions in the region. 

New Slovak grape varieties


Devín - "Tramín červený" x "Veltlínske červené skoré" by Dorota Pospíšilová and Ondrej Korpás in 1958 in Bratislava, registered in 1997

Mília - "Müller-Thurgau" x "Tramín červený" in Šenkvice by Novák and col. in 1973, registered in 2002

Noria - "Rizling rýnsky" x "Sémillon" in Veľký Krtíš

Breslava - "Chrupka červená" (Chasselas rose) x "Tramín červený" x "Santa Maria Alcantara" by Dorota Pospíšilová in 1960


Dunaj - "Muškát Bouchet" x "Oporto" x "Svätovavrinecké" by Dorota Pospíšilová in 1958, registered in 1997

Hron, Nitra, Rimava and Váh - "Castets" x "Abouriou noir" by Dorota Pospíšilová, all in 1976


New grape varieties notably planted in Slovakia from neighbouring and proximate areas

      White:   Red:
  Aurelius   Alibernet
  Irsai Oliver   André
  Fetească regală   Neronet
  Muškát Moravský   Zweigeltrebe

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