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Most Grown
Most Grown

Following 8 grape varieties are the most planted in wineyards in all wine growing regions of Slovakia, except the Tokajský wine region, where only Furmint, Lipovina and Muškát ┼Żltý are planted. The characteristics of wine varies from region to region in cathegory of regional quality wines and the variation is bottomless in case of exact indication of the origin - wine growing village.

Veltlínske zelené Veltliner White 3695 ha
Rizling vlašský Welschriesling White 2997 ha
Frankovka modrá Blaufränkisch, Lemberger,
Red 1787 ha
Müller-Thurgau   White 1743 ha
Svätovavrinecké Saint Laurent Red 1337 ha
Rulandské biele Pinot Blanc White 934 ha
Rizling rýnsky Riesling White 925 ha
Cabernet Sauvignon   Red 626 ha