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Stredoslovenská - "Central Slovakian wine region"

Wine from Central Slovakian wine region is a product obtained exclusively by total or partial fermentation of grapes or grape must, which originates in this region. Wines from this regions are having more expressive flavouring, is more extractive, with higher content of acids nevertheless harmonic.

Sub-regions of Stredoslovenská wine region
Viticulture in Central Slovakian wine region is based on andhesite substrate with loamy to clayey soils. Climate is mild, dry, with  450 mm in total volume of rainfall. Average air temperature in the period from May to September range from 13 ° C to 20 ° C, the average temperature in growing season is 15 ° C, average annual sunshine duration is 2100 hours, the sum of active air temperature during vegetation is at least 3100 ° C. Vines are grown on south, southeast and southwest slopes and plains.

Natural Alimentaria
Víno Kurčík
Mrva & Stanko
Vines are trained preferentially on medium or high techniques of vine training system. Increased heat flow in this region is influenced by occurrence of brown coal deposits. This flow is contributing to ripening of grapes into optimal average 19 °NM levels of sugar, with retention of content of acids at 6 g/l which allows production of quality wines with attributes. Stredoslovenské wines are distinguished by higher and more persistent aromatic quality  what is considered as one of the main characteristics of the region.
There is up to 10 000 vines/hectare density of vineyard. Number of vine buds shall not exceed 80 000 per one hectare of vineyard for production of wine, quality wine, sparkling wine of wine region, grower's sparkling wine or liqueur wine. Maximum of 65 000 vine buds for the production of quality wines with attribute.

Specification of Slovak Union of Grape and Wine Producers

Most grown grape varieties
Veltlínske zelené (W)
17,0 %
Rizling vlašský (W)
11,1 %
Pinot biely/blanc (W)
10,5 %
Rizling rýnsky (W)
10,2 %
Frankovka modrá (R)
10,0 %
Müller-Thurgau (W)
8,2 %
Svätovavrinecké (R)
8,1 %
Tramín červený (W)
4,1 %
Fetească regală (W)
3,3 %
Dievčie hrozno (W)
2,5 %
Chardonnay (W)
2,4 %
Irsai Oliver (W)
1,9 %
Cabernet Sauvignon (R)
1,4 %
Muškát Ottonel (W)
1,4 %
Veltlínske červené skoré (W)
1,3 %
Muškát Moravský 1,1 %