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Styles & Varieties
Styles of Slovak wines  
Slovak wines are classified according to origin, maturity level of the grapes and the used technology. Slovak wine law is in compliance with the European wine legislation.

Categories of Still Wines are depending on the controlled origin, yields, must-weight levels and official quality control.
Three general quality designations are recognized:
Wine without geographic indication
Víno bez zemepisného označenia 

Wine with protected goegraphic indication
Víno s chráneným zemepisným označením

Wine with protected indication of origin
Víno s chráneným označením pôvodu
Where traditional terms quality wine akostné víno and quality wine with attribute akostné víno s prívlastkom can be used. Attribute  indicates potential alcohol and technique used - Cabinet kabinetné, Late harvest Neskorý zber, Grapes selection Výber z hrozna, Berry or Raisin selection bobuľový or hrozienkový výber, Nobly rotten raisin selection cibébový výber, Ice wine ľadové víno or Straw wine slamové vínoLearn more about the Still wines categories>>

Sparkling wines are obtained by first or second alcoholic fermentation from fresh grapes, grape must and from wine. Depending on the used technology, grape varieties and the origin, there are various categories of Slovak Sparkling wines. Read more>>

Approximately one fifth of the Tokaj wine region lies in Slovakia. Using the traditional and given technologies, various Tokajské wines are produced in Slovakia. These quality designations are recognized:
- Tokajský Furmint, Tokajská Lipovina and Tokajský Muškát žltý
- Tokajské samorodné (suché - dry or sladké - sweet)
- Tokajský výber (3, 4, 5 or 6 putňový)
- Tokajský mášláš nad foditáš
- Tokajská esencia and výberová esencia
More details on Slovak Tokajské wines>>
Grape varieties
Slovak names of grape varieties grown in Tokaj region are Furmint, Lipovina and Muškát Žltý. In all other regions, predominantly single varietal white wines are produced, mainly from Veltliner - which is grown in the entire region and the wines are lively but they could be also more opulent. Another very grown local grape is productive Welschriesling, followed by Müller-Thurgau, Pinot blanc and Riesling. The red varieties, accounting for one fifth of the vine-yards are mainly represented by compelling Lemberger, differentiating St. Laurent and more recently spread Cabernet Sauvignon, which flourish mainly in the warmer parts of the country.
The range of the wines is often completed with the grape varieties originating in other parts of Europe - white
Fetească albă and regală, aromatic Irsai Oliver, Muscat Ottonel as well as Traminer, Pinot gris, Sylvaner, Chardonnay and Sauvignon, other red wines are made from Pinot noir, Zweigeltrebe, Portugieser and colourful Alibernet.
Research and the development in the cross-breeding area in former Czechoslovakia resulted in new grape varieties bred and tested in specific local conditions. Aromatic white
Devín, Pálava, Muškát Moravský and more recently Mília with Noria, as well as red André, Neronet and more recently Dunaj and others are becoming undoubtedly one of the new visions of Slovak winemaking. It is not unusual that even smaller producers are vinifying and offering around 20 different single - varietal wines.
Find out about the most grown regional grape varieties, new grafted varieties and  international varieties grown in Slovakia.
White  Ha
Veltlínske zelené 3 088.6
Rizling vlašský 2 528.6
  1 636.0
Frankovka modrá
Müller-Thurgau 1 557.2
  1 198.5 Svätovavrinecké
Rizling rýnsky 921.2
Rulandské biele
(Pinot biely/blanc)
Cabernet Sauvignon
Tramín červený 415.6
Dievčie hrozno 411.0
Irsai Oliver 364.1
Furmint 342.3
Fetească regală 331.1
Chardonnay 323.9
Veltlínske červené skoré 300.3
Rulandské šedé
(Pinot šedý/gris)
  255.1 André

253.0 Alibernet

247.9 Rulandské modré
(Pinot modrý/noir)
Sauvignon 237.6
Silvánske zelené 214.0
Lipovina 193.3
Muškát Moravský 187.1
Devín 144.1  
Modrý Portugal
Muškát Žltý 75.3
Muškát Ottonel 70.6

61.8 Dunaj
Pálava 52.0  
  38.3 Neronet
Bouvierovo hrozno 22.2.
Neuburské 19.6  
Aurelius 11.4  
Noria 1.9  
Mília 1.0  

Hron, Nitria, Rimava and Váh


Rudava and Torysa

Subsidiary grape varieties in Slovakia
Even if available in small single vine-yard quantities, it is possible to come accross with them quite easily.
White: Cserszegi Fűszeres, Kerner, Rotweisser Veltliner, Sémillon, Viognier and others

Red: Domina, Dornfelder, Cabernet Moravia, Kádarka, Merlot, Syrah and others