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History & Facts

History of vinegrowing and winemaking in Slovakia
Even if the last decades were so crucial and dynamic in the development of the Slovak wine, there is lot more to discover in the periods dating back to 7th century BC. Slovak wine is miscellaneous in so many views thanks to various climate and soil conditions, and large number of cultures and events that influenced vinegrowing and winemaking in the teritory. Read more out more about Slovak wine history >>
Facts & statistics in Slovak vinegrowing and winemaking
Vinegrowers in Slovakia are producing every year about 50 000 tons of grapes from more than 15 000 hectares of registered and active vineyards. Most of it is used by winemakers for the production of the quality wines with protected geographic or origin indication. There are more than 50 different grape varieties palnted and processed using various technologies producing broad range of wines. Learn more about the wine production in Slovakia..>>