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Muškát žltý
Muškát žltý

White, Tokaj, 324 ha, registered in 1941

Synonyms: Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, White Frontignan, Gelber Muskateller, Fehér muskotály, Moscato di Trani, Muscat blanc, Bela Dinka,

Muškát žltý belongs to old and large varietal family of Muscats and it is grown in Slovakia almost exclusively on approximatelly 10 % of the Tokaj wine region. It is assumed that these are particulary golden-skinned clones of Muscat Blanc. It is productive and

Quality akostné odrodové wines are produced, originating in Tokaj region. These wines can vary from light and refreshing young wines to more opulent ones, also with various levels of residual sugar - since the grapes could be affected into some extend by concentrating noble rot Botrytis cinerea persoon. This is becoming crucial in noble rotten selections, Tokajský výber (aszú), Samorodné and other types of Tokaj wine.

Dry styles of Lipovina can be characterised by the aroma notes of