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White, Tokaj, 324 ha, registered in 1941

Synonyms: Hárslevel┼▒, Lindenblättriger, Feuille de Tilleul

The name of this white grape variety means 'linden leaf' in all languages and countries where it is grown. It is most probably a chance seedling of the hungarian origin, traditionally grown in the Tokaj wine region, where it represents approximatelly 15 % of the vine-yards. Lipovina is vulnerable to frosts, moulds and droughts and therefore it is quite demanding for the location, which should be reserved, sunny and warm.

Quality akostné odrodové wines are produced, originating in Tokaj region. These wines can be very viscous with deep green-gold colour, with consequent various levels of residual sugar. Lipovina is always a part of  Tokajský výber (aszú), Samorodné and other types of Tokaj wine.

Dry styles of Lipovina can be characterised by the aroma notes of linden honey