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Handzus & Handzus
Handzuš & Handzuš
Doľany 445, 900 88 Doľany, Slovakia map
+421 (0) 905 112 952

Hanuľova 45, 949 01 Nitra map
 Winemaker: Milan & Peter Handzuš

Wines, origin and varieties
Handzuš family is very well know for its commitment to oenology for generations and for being active in many wine related  matters.  12 hectares of wineyards located between municipalities Doľany and Dolné Orešany in Lesser Carpathian - Malokarpatská wine region. planted with the region characteristic grape varieties. One of the most progressive Slovak wineries producing modern and reflecting wines.
  White wines
 Malokarpatská region
  Doľanský sub-region:
    Rizling vlašský
Rulandské šedé (Pinot šedý/gris)
Tramín červený
Red wines
Malokarpatská region
  Doľanský sub-region:
    Cabernet Sauvignon
Frankovka modrá