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White, Tokaj, 324 ha, registered in 1952

Furmint is a grape variety grown mainly in the Tokaj wine region, where it occupies about 65 % of the surface. Vineyards with this grape variety can be found also in Východoslovenská - Eastern Slovakian wine region. It is of uncertain origin. Some sources are concidering that Furmint was brought in 13th century by Walloon immigrants encouraged to come to the region by King Béla IV. After destructive Mongolian invasion of the region, he wanted to revive devasted vineyards quickly implementing policies encouraging immigration of people knowledgeable in viticulture and winemaking. Hungarian ampelographers are keen on the theory, that it had arised as a seedling in Tokaihegyalja, from where it got spread to the other parts of the kingdom. Furmint is grown in more european countries, although mainly in Hungary. It exists in various clones and clonal selections.

Quality akostné odrodové wines are produced, originating in Tokaj and Východoslovenská - Eastern Slovakian  wine region. These wines can vary from light and refreshing young wines to more opulent ones, also with various levels of residual sugar - since the grapes could be affected into some extend by concentrating noble rot Botrytis cinerea persoon. This is becoming crucial in noble rotten selections, Tokajský výber (aszú), Samorodné and other types of Tokaj wine. Occasionally ice wines are produced as well.

Dry styles of Furmint can be characterised by the aroma notes of smoke, pears and lime. Sweet wines are developing tones of marzipan, apricots, blood orange or barley sugar. These concentrated and ripe aromas can move towards tobbaco, tea and cinnamon perceptions.